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Blog QR AdHere it is…the replay link…

I understand some people where not able to join because of technical issues with links and so forth. Hopefully this link will get you in…. 

Also be sure to check out the new Marketing Success Kit which goes along with the webinar and provides a greater level of detail on each point

  • 6 hours of instruction
  • Templates
  • Conversion sheets
  • Call scripts
  • The quick reference guide

Here’s the kit link:


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Blog QR AdI’m getting ready to kick off today’s Making Money w/ Security workshop (online) in about an hour – but before leaving yesterday’s webinar on Event Marketing, I just had to comment on one of the comments I received after my presentation.  One of the attendees wrote – “Not enough detail, it’s not as easy as he makes it sound”…he goes on to say that he’s tried and the right people don’t attend.

First, I do read my comments, and I appreciate people taking the time…every other comment I received was extremely positive…but this one deserves a response since he took the time to write it.  Here are a few points taken from yesterday’s content, and expanded some…

1. I started off the event by stating, “There is no way to cover this topic in 90 minutes – so there is a 6 hour audio training program, 100 page detailed field guide, and Quick Start reference manual available. (See the sidebar)”  Not that I am doing this webinar just to sell more books, but 90 minutes is what my client asked for, and so that’s all the time I had.  And that is why I mentioned these other resources…He’s right – I couldn’t give enough detail in 90 minutes…so, buy the training materials if you want more detail.

2. It’s not that easy…well, I didn’t say it was easy in yesterday’s event.  I said “Marketing is a science”.  I went on to explain that I’ve been working on this for about 10 years, and longer if you count my time as a reseller.  It’s codified – not easy.  And so, that is why there is a 6 hour training course.  You can’t argue with results.  The fact is, I do track attendees and responses, and the average marketing event does end up with 75% of the attendees moving to step 2 – the assessment phase.

Does lack of time or a high-level overview deserve a negative comment?  No, it underscores the need for more in-depth training.  Is codified the same as simple?  No, calculus uses formulas, but it’s far from simple.  The truth is, when I meet a marketing director who is struggling to get the right attendees – there is always a reason.  Most of the time it goes back to the message they are advertising.

This person’s comment also mentioned a problem with having the right speaker available.  There are thousands of great speakers – this one is simple to fix.  Its a simple case of companies not wanting to pay for a speaker.  And so they settle with the local free speaker, or put someone on their team in front of an executive audience. As I have said before, professional speaking is a profession like any other profession.  The person who decides to go out on a sales call once in a while is not going to succeed, and the manager who decides to get up and present every once in a while is also likely to fail.  I’m not going to someone who’s never performed surgery to fix a rotator cuff just to save some money.

Don’t discount event marketing just because your last event didn’t go well. Figure out why it didn’t go well and fix it.  The Complete Marketing Success Kit might be a good place to start – but start somewhere and find out how to make it successful.  Sales people have already shown us that old-school cold calling is expensive and largely ineffective.  Get it right, the right people will be there.

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Here is it…

I have set up my sign-up pages for two important events based on my new eBook, Event Marketing, 7 Secrets to Profitability Using Lunch & Learns and Sales Events.

First – The Pre-Event Webinar

There is a FREE pre-event at the end of September.  There’s not cost, so all you have to do is sign up and show up.  Seated is limited.  These free webinars always fill up quickly so don’t wait.  I will be covering some very important concepts that will either make or break your future marketing events.  My commitment is to give you as much as I can in the one hour we have together.  This is one of my favorite topics, because I hate cold calling. There is nothing worse than making call after call to someone I don’t know, and who doesn’t know me, with nothing more than an introduction to my company.  The events I am talking about have allowed me to put dozens of new prospects in front of my clients every month over the past several years – eliminating the need for call calling… Find out how we are doing it right here:

Sept 25th at 3 PM ET:  (remember, this is just the Pre-Event Workshop)

Attend the Workshop (3 – 2 Hour Sessions)

The full workshop is coming in October.  You’ll get a 30% savings if you use the coupon code “EARLY” before Sept 28th…but either way, I have priced this workshop for just about anyone.  My goal is to give you the keys to making event marketing easy, predictable, and profitable.  I’d like to see more JMF money headed your way as your events demonstrate success far above average.  Regardless of how large or small your firm is, this type of marketing will grow your business more than just about any other campaign – as long as you follow a simple formula.  Join me for this three-day workshop, get the new eBook as part of it, and I will also give you my Data@Risk book for free if you are one of the first 10 to sign up.  Here is a link with more details and a place to sign up…

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Guatemala City: Day 1

January 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

I arrived yesterday after connecting in Houston. Guatemala is a lot different than I expected, with it’s mountainous terrain and volcanoes – pictured left.  The weather is great in this city, which sits about a mile above sea-level.  My client tells me they don’t need heat or air conditioning in their homes.  It’s just perfect all year around.  Last night we dined at a nearby upscale restaurant, where we discussed some of the history as well as how my client’s came to be here.  I am looking forward to our sessions on Tuesday as we take their sales team through the Making Money w/ Security workshop.

PS. Don’t forget, I have a live Webex based sales training program coming up later this month.  You can sign up here: (CLICK)


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