The Lunch & Learn Follow Up Plan

The Follow Up Plan Determines Success or Failure What happens After You Conduct a Live Lunch & Learn Event…Is It Successful? In my last post I talked about raising your conversion numbers. Successful lunch & learns convert. Mine are converting at about 99% over the past 12 months. Meaning, if 30 people come to the […]

Turn Your Assessment Into A Sales Tool

Assessments Just Might be Your Ticket to High Margin Business Are you doing assessments?  It might be security.  But other assessments work just as well. Network, Cloud Readiness, Business Impact Analysis, etc.   You might be charging, or they might be free.  Regardless, the assessment is not where the big payoff sits.  Unless you’re a […]

Great Technical Skills Don’t Sell

How Technically Savvy Are You? Is This Winning You New Business? It would seem that if you really know what you’re doing technically, people will buy from you. Unfortunately that’s not true.  IBM showed us a long time ago that sales prowess outsells technical savvy every time. Look at companies like WellFleet, Sybase, and DEC. […]

Are you Looking to Grow Profits in 2012?

I just finished an exciting coaching session with the CEO of a large integrator in the US – exciting because his business is multiplying!  Isn’t that what every integrator/solution provider is looking for?  What’s the secret?  No secret really – he just happens to be working hard in a space where there is significant growth; […]

Does Your Presentation Interrupt Management?

Interruptions are needed!  People go to sleep when you present the obvious.  Take a look at the presentations you are using for executive meetings/company introductions…are you stating the obvious?  I see marketing departments putting out fancy slides that say things like: The Internet is bcoming more important to business More people are using wireless computing […]