Mack Hanan (October 1, 1925 – November 26, 2010) – Sorry to see him go

I was shocked this morning as I reviewed last nights blog traffic on my site – one of the searches read, “Mack Hanan’s Obituary!  Almost a year after his death, and I am just now catching up….however, even if I am 11 months behind, it’s important to remember him for his contribution to our industry…. […]


Great Books Contribute to Great Sales Calls

Our last session in the Making Money with Security Class (Online) is tomorrow.  I’ve had some great interaction with attendees over email and some phone this week, and value the questions and ideas that will improve both of us.  Yesterday  I was asked, “What should I be reading?”  Here is a short list of some […]

Sales People Must Become Consultants in 2011

Old School Selling Product knowledge used to be a key part of the sales role.  “Tell me what you have, how it works, features, benefits, etc.”  Google has changed all of that.  Today the purchase starts with Google.  Since most high-tech sales are done by referral and lead follow-up, the prospects tend to be people […]