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Need Something New To Send to Prospects?

Create An Amazing Lead Magnet In Under 30 Minutes!

Interviews Make Great Lead Magnets…This simple video received over 500 likes in just 3 days…

Here’s How To Create Your Next Lead Magnet:

  • Start with your target audience… Notice, there are no product sales pitches…
  • With your target people in mind, create a list of questions you think they are asking…make sure the person being interviewed is qualified to answer…
  • Set up a meeting on Zoom, or some other video conference platform that allows recording (Make sure it leaves you with a recording format easily uploaded to YouTube).
  • Upload – Remember, YouTube is not Google, it is the second largest search engine. Google is number one, but both YouTube and Google search stuff out when posted in YouTube!
  • Fill in your meta data – meaning, use tags, #marks, descriptions, and a great title…
  • Consider adding annotations such as contact info or a hotlink…
  • Finally, start sharing it…like I’m doing here. Post it in Facebook, LinkedIn, as a LinkedIn Article…blog post, on a website, etc…get it out there!

That’s all there is to it…if your content is educational, people will view it, and awareness will happen…And interviews are much easier to pull off than a talking head!

Next, consider using lead magnets to point people to your blog posts, or directly to a landing page to download (or watch) something  with more detail. Create this second step as gated content – meaning your viewer must first give you their email address.

If you’ve created something, post your link in the comments! I’d love to see it…

© 2017, David Stelzl


This Thursday I will be covering concepts required by every vendor sales team and reseller sales team.

SIGN UP HERE! for Sept. 30, 1020 Teleconference.

While vendor marketing programs and joint marketing programs largely target old school marketing: Interruptions and mass mailings or print ads, these tools may be supplemental,  but by themselves are generally useless;  costly, time consuming and ineffective.  Here is what we’ll be covering at 11:30 EDT this Thursday….

1. What exactly is Social Networking?

2. Which tools should you invest in?

3. Learn to write things that will attract an audience and create a following

4. I will give you exact steps to take on getting started – you won’t need to dive in completely as there are ways to get started slowly, testing the waters.

5. How to treat corporate rules that may limit your involvement

6. How long it will take, and how to spend that time to accelerate the ROI

7. What works and what does not work – from my personal experience as well as recommendations on what to read to continue the learning process.

For those already signed up, remember you can submit questions ahead of time which I will be sure to address during the call.

Don’t miss it: (CLICK)