Uniquely Yours…

As I mentioned yesterday, when someone requires you to deliver ROI or TCO numbers as part of the red-tape process, the sale really isn’t based on ROI or TCO, but rather this is just a protocol the company has for vetting possible providers.  In most cases they will have a format or model for doing […]


ROI – why not call for an IRS Audit

It’s tax season – it reminds me of the ROI sale.  Even if there is an ROI to be had, there are at least three problems with it: 1. First, you can’t count on the client using your product or service the right way – don’t count on them actually realizing any ROI. 2. Most […]

Irresistible Justification

Don’t forget – this Friday is the first of the 2010 Teleseminar Series.  Assessments are one of the strongest motivators when considering budgets and what to buy.  Risk being the number one motivator when dealing with business decision makers.  Unfortunately this tool has been often misused and misunderstood.  I hear questions like; should we do […]

2010 Spending – will you get your share?

SC Magazine News wire reported this morning an increase in technology spending based on a survey of CIOs.  Server technology tops the list, with security right behind it.  The problem is, competition is likely to be fierce as some companies actually do begin moving forward on delayed projects, while others remain cautious.  How will you […]