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Uniquely Yours…

March 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

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As I mentioned yesterday, when someone requires you to deliver ROI or TCO numbers as part of the red-tape process, the sale really isn’t based on ROI or TCO, but rather this is just a protocol the company has for vetting possible providers.  In most cases they will have a format or model for doing this, and your best bet is to work with them, using their models to make your case.  However, don’t fall into the trap of believing numbers are the deciding factor.  They rarely are.   The lowest price only wins when offerings are equal.  So what are you doing to set yourself apart?  Anything that can be documented can be commoditized.  And anything that can be commoditized can be computerized.  And anything that can be computerized can eventually be done on an appliance or smart phone.  Creativity and perspective are yours uniquely.   But make sure they are uniquely great.

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It’s tax season – it reminds me of the ROI sale.  Even if there is an ROI to be had, there are at least three problems with it:

1. First, you can’t count on the client using your product or service the right way – don’t count on them actually realizing any ROI.

2. Most of the sales people I know, cannot articulate financial justification well enough to be credible in front of a financial officer.  Let face it, if you’re not reading financials on a daily basis, you’re not going to know your way around a mid-market or enterprise level PNL…oh, did I mean P&L?  Some don’t know the difference.

3. But most importantly, sales are emotional.  To call into question financial numbers, operating costs, and bottom-line return, is to push your client into an analytical, left brain mode – one that get’s wrapped up in analysis, leaving the emotion of the moment; a mindset opposed to spending unbudgeted dollars.

Don’t forget – this Friday is the first of the 2010 Teleseminar Series.  Assessments are one of the strongest motivators when considering budgets and what to buy.  Risk being the number one motivator when dealing with business decision makers.  Unfortunately this tool has been often misused and misunderstood.  I hear questions like; should we do this for free or charge?  How much do we charge? Who needs to be involved – what if we can’t get the economic buyer involved?


  • Three types of assessments – which one to sell if you want more business
  • Exactly what the buyer will want to see
  • How to justify the assessment – and how to justify the next step
  • How to price it and when to give it away
  • What to include in the deliverable and where the sales person must participate
  • What to include in the deliverable and what it should look like
  • How to turn it into an ongoing subscription service
  • How to present your findings to make sure they’re heard and to ensure you get budget to take the next step
  • How to move this to managed services

When complementary work is performed, the results are often wasted – delegated down to IT and operations people who may not take the time to read the report and will not have the ability to approve budgets.  All of these questions and more will be addressed in this weeks event!  Don’t miss it…this is the fastest way to build your pipeline for the coming quarter!

When:  this Friday at 11:30 am edt


Raising entrepreneurs

January 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

Watch as I explain to two entrepreneurs how selling works in a bad economy!

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SC Magazine News wire reported this morning an increase in technology spending based on a survey of CIOs.  Server technology tops the list, with security right behind it.  The problem is, competition is likely to be fierce as some companies actually do begin moving forward on delayed projects, while others remain cautious.  How will you differentiate?  Imagine selling your server technology with an emphasis on security!  But don’t be fooled into leading with the product…business justification and risk mitigation will be your differentiators.  You can read the actual news wire here (It’s brief):

Enjoy your holiday, but don’t forget the year’s not over.  We have an important teleseminar coming up in December on Demand Generation Techniques that will absolutely grow your business in 2010 regardless of the economy!  Here is a sample of our November program – the complete recording is available for purchase at simply by signing up for the November program.