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Happy New Year!  2012 is just starting, and promises to be another great year for those providing security solutions.  In fact, I am kicking off the new year with a workshop on selling security – Making Money with Security.  We have a great group, so if you are not signed up, you should be – here is the link (below).  Either way, this is a powerful video to send out to business people who don’t really understand what they are up against.  With the growth in mobile and home workers, this type of attack (illustrated on the video) is easy money for any hacker targeting the average end-user, especially on home computers not controlled by corporate security policies.

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This is not new news – but reading this article is a must.  It’s well written, and describes how Kaminsky discovered major holes in the overall Internet design.  I assume, based on the article, that this is all repaired at this point; however, the take away is clear to me – security holes are not obvious, and if the wrong person finds them first, we’re in trouble.  This also underscores the need for better detection and response in the system.  I’d urge you to read this, learn the key sound bites, and build this story into the stories you share with clients on risk…Thanks to my friend Tim for passing this along!