Google Changes Everything

My educated started with school, ended with Google I learned about Cobol programming, Fortran, 8-inch floppy drives, and outdated architectures at college.  I also learned how to cram for tests, gain the teachers favor, and correctly fill in scantron test sheets with a #2 pencil.  Eventually I graduated and needed a brain dump on relevant […]

The iPad is Here

When little gadgets like the iPad command greater attention than just about anything you sell, the technology business is in trouble.  That is, unless you have something greater than the product to vend.  It was bad enough that half the emails I was receiving said they were sent from the iphone (which we Verizon customers […]

More on Intellectual Capital

In my travels last week I met a doctor who specializes in treating body imbalances.  His business is contrarian to say the least.  No insurance network affiliations, no insurance filing services, no discounts, no kidding; yet he is busy and obviously doing very well for himself.  What is the secret?  Rather than going along with […]