Making Money with Security Dates

January Dates are Sold Out! Our first public offering – Making Money with Security, Virtual Class is now sold out!  That is for January 5, 6, and 13.  Given the strong response, I am scheduling new dates at the start of Q2.. New Dates: April 19, 21 and 27 Check out the details: (CLICK)

The New Denial of Service Attack

“If the financial institutions can’t reach the victims to ask about the suspicious activity, the transactions often go through” (WSJ)…Here’s how it works.  Hackers, using automated dial programs, bombard companies with calls, tying up their phone lines, while raiding brokerage and banking accounts.  The banks will try to contact the business if they suspect foul […]

Facebook; Make sure you connect the dots

When I see Facebook access reported in assessment reports I yawn.  The asset owner is not going to conclude they’re in trouble when this is reported.  However, if you take time to show them why this is problematic, you might have something.  Here’s a clear statement, using an attraction story (if you’ve read previous posts […]

Thoughts from a Successful Marketing Event

I just finished speaking to over 18 companies on the essential mindsets of securing data.  Here are some important observations. Educational events are the most effective way for you to demonstrate value to new prospects. Surrounding new prospects with great information, a group of your most talented people, and some of your current, satisfied clients […]

Hiring Hackers Made Easy

If your clients think they’re not at risk, check out the following article.  All it takes is an unhappy customer or disgruntled employee and a little creativity online.  You don’t have to be a hacker to steal data.  In the attached article an unhappy mistress heads for the net to destroy families and discredit names.  […]

Recent Mid-Altlantic Demand Gen Event

Well, after numerous attempts to get my traveling computer back in  service, I finally gave in and reloaded the entire system last night (note recent posts on my Dell support experience).  So I’m back in business in the electronic age.  Now on to more important things… This weeks marketing events proved again that education, at […]