Security Resellers Taking a Step Forward

Some follow up comments from yesterday’s meeting with VARs / security resellers in the Bay area. 1. IT people naturally resist sales people who try to move up.  Positioning your technical experts along side IT people can give them a highly valuable connection, one that will help IT people gain the insights they need to […]

On Boarding and Maintaining

As some companies are seeing signs of recovery in their business, they are turning back to hiring as well as working to retain the people they need.  I was talking with a successful entrepreneur in Dallas on this topic – that of bringing in great people and keeping those you need.  His words “Training is […]

Sound Bites to Rock Your World, and Your Client’s

Remember the sound bites….bits of information that come from credible sources like the Wall Street Journal or other mainline news sources.  I prefer ones that IT does not frequent – it widens the gap between what you know and their ability to hijack an executive level meeting.   A few pointers on sound bites: I mostly […]