Almost Giving Away My CDs

Yesterday was a crazy day – I am moving all of my audio products to digital download and have a very limited supply of CDs on hand…I offered these first to those who have attended recent workshops and webinars, but I still have just a few sets left for those who faithfully read my blog. […]

Making Money w/ Security Sales Training Day 3…

P2P Peril Link Updated First, I continue to reference this article – P2P Peril, in my workshops. This article was written back in 2008, but is still highly relevant, providing some great catalyst for selling security when it comes to employees that work from home…I just updated the link on my blog – here’s the […]

Educating Business Leaders

Getting to the right people is the key to finding new opportunity…and yesterday’s educational event was a great example.  We had about 50 business leaders running a  variety of SMB businesses including wealth management, personal safety, software development, and many more.  I delivered an updated review of major security trends along with concepts from by […]

2008 Breaches – Sound Bites

In my executive lunch meetings I often quote statistics from previous years showing exponential growth in the numbers of records compromised, people exposed, etc.  The most recent data suggests that about 2/3 of US citizens have had records exposed.  If you’ve seen this presentation you may recall the 2005 data showing 134 companies reporting […]