How to Get Ton’s Of New Leads For Small Business

If You Sell Technology, Are You Getting Enough Quality Leads? This week, Russell Brunson, Entrepreneur and Founder of Click Funnels gave us some amazing sales insight!  If you want to grow sales, keep reading… Right now I’m sitting in the Denver airport on my way home from the GKIC Info Summit – an annual marketing conference (See […]


The Big Security Mistake Everyone Is Making

We’re in the height of Cyber Monday – How Secure Is Your Data? There’s One Big Mistake Almost Every Company Is Making – Do your clients know what it is? If you’ve read my book, The House & the Cloud, you know what it is. This one concept alone has earned me more assessments than […]

What’s Happening at Home Depot?

  Was Home Depot Hacked? It sure looks that way…this video offers some great insights into the resale of stolen data. They even have a clip with someone trying to buy credit card data.  This clip is from 5 days ago – so what’s happening now? The ABC Blog – 7 Hours Ago Reported… “The […]

Four Big Problems Sure to Derail Your Sale

Four Big Problems That Will Derail Your Sale Here is the problem with most technology companies… Actually there are four, …and if you’re honest you’ll recognize that your company has all four. The Sales Problem. The sale is technical – too technical. Sales calls focus on technical people, technical products, and are conducted using technical […]

Money Making Resources – FREE

Over $500 Worth of FREE Resources! I’ve been working on some changes to my website and blog -along with that comes some changes in my resources as well… CLICK HERE and get over $500 worth of stuff including, The House & the Cloud, My value proposition keynote, one of my marketing guides, and more…  This […]

Announcing the Next Making Money w/ Security Event

I’ve just announced new dates for the summer Making Money w/ Security (and Managed Services) online workshop.  This class has really taken off over the past year with average attendance in the 20s…and the reports back from those who have attended has been very encouraging. Mark down: July 31-August 2! I started doing these workshops […]

Making Money w/ Security Day Two…Questions

Yesterday we completed day two of our Making Money w/ Security Workshop (Online).  A couple of questions came up that might be helpful to anyone selling security solutions… Sound Bites and Helpful Articles One person asked about some of the sound bites I mentioned as we went through the session on how to effectively use […]

Making Money w/ Security – Day One

Yesterday we kicked off our three-day online workshop, Making Money w/ Security Day One.  This class continues to grow, and this quarter we have about 30 participants! Sales Training Is Crucial to Success! Sales training is crucial if you want to grow sales, and specialized training, not product training, is the key to moving from […]