The Expert Interviewee

Last  week I spent several days interviewing security candidates in the mid west for a large security initiative.  They don’t teach interviewing in school, but they should.  It’s not easy to successfully move through the interviewing process, but you would think a sales person would be the most qualified person to do it.  Who else […]


The Cybersecurity Job Market

This week I am up in Chicago working with a company to build differentiation and competitive advantage – it’s one of the four things buyers buy (something I wrote extensively about in my book, From Vendor to Adviser).  Where is the growth opportunity? From the Wall Street Journal this morning: “Cybersecurity and Big Data are […]

Hiring and Firing – Thoughts as I Prepare to Speak

Hiring great people – next week I will be speaking to business leaders in Chicago on the subject of hiring great people, along with a few words on when to call it quits.  While preparing, I was going through hundreds of interviews I have conducted with college graduates, sales people, technical people, and those I […]

Hiring Great People

Jim Collins tells us in his book, “Good to Great”, that successful business planners start by assembling a top-notch team, and then figure out what they will actually do for business.  The people matter, and the best offerings will fail without great people.  This Friday at 11:30 I will be addressing this critical issue – […]

Word to the Wise

Most people are hired for their outstanding representation of skills and experience (whether they are real or not)…most are fired for reasons of poor character.  Work hard and demonstrate outstanding character today! © David Stelzl 2010