Three Things CIOs Need From You

Three Things You Can Do To Earn A Seat At The Table Continuing from yesterday’s topic on, Things Sales People Do That CIOs Hate, last week’s keynote also covered three things CIOs really need…and can’t easily get internally. Security Intelligence.  Intelligence is the new security buzzword. Not that it’s new. But for years people have […]


HIPAA Is Important – Learn How To Deliver HIPAA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA Is Important! Tomorrow I will be interviewing Marc Haskelson, President of The Comliancy Group. Marc’s team works with technology resellers to address HIPAA in the small and mid size markets, providing tools and professional services to take your clients through the process. Tomorrow’s interiew will not be broadcasted to the public;  it’s an exclusive session […]

Rethinking Presales Support (SEs and Consultants)

I’ve spent the week interviewing presales consultants in the Chicago area this week…next week I’ll be teaching a sales class to presales engineers over in Singapore (yes, its live onsite).  This is an under-served group needing some attention in most organizations. An Undefined Job When I talk with a presales consultant (A job I personally […]

$115 and You too can capture hospital data!

Great article sent in from Tom at  Heit.  A couple of things worth noting on this one: It only set Scott back about $115 to begin capturing hospital data…that is until he got caught! It took the hospital over 1000 screen captures to figure out they were under surveillance. This crime was the result of […]

If you want sensitive data, see your local doctor

If you want sensitive data, see your local doctor Many of the companies I work with are calling on the medical vertical.  Medical offices have highly sensitive data, they’re under HIPAA regulations (note the correct spelling on this), they’re somewhat recession proof, and unfortunately, in many cases doctors don’t seem to care. I’ve had numerous […]