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Made by Christine – My Niece

My son asked me the other day, “Daddy, what happens when you run out of people to call?”  What a great question for a 15 year old to be asking…this is the problem every sales person has at some point in their career.  That’s what marketing is for!  But how many companies really have their act together when it comes to marketing?  In most cases it is up to the sales person to generate new interest – it would be great if marketing and sales would get together on this…

There are three primary platforms for marketing consultative and high-tech solutions; customer events, one-on-one seminars, and social media.  But using any one of these platforms for something other than education builds distrust with the prospects you call on.  In other words, effective marketing (in B to B high tech sales) must be founded on education, not hype.

Its through this well-thought-out process that a continuous stream of new names will continue to come through your office giving you a growing source of new people to call.

While I have you here – I wanted to point out that the pizza on the left is one of the best homemade pizzas I’ve ever had!  This one comes from the Charlotte North Carolina area where the average pizza consumer is happy with Pizza Hut…however, if you’ve been following my pizza posts from all around the world, you know that I hate Pizza Hut.  Christine, one of nieces, was kind enough to make me this pizza last night since my family was traveling (meaning all of the cooks where out). Thanks Christine, it was a real treat!

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Sound Bites Podcast

October 31, 2008 — Leave a comment

Don’t miss my sound bites broadcast on – it posted today and offers some alarming facts concerning data theft and where your clients are at risk.   Use this to capture the attention of business owners, executives, and those liable for data loss. 

Today I’ll be addressing 65 business owners and mid market executives on this subject in Richmond VA.  Your first question should be, “How did we get so many people to attend in a down economy?”  a combination of using the right marketing message, the right sound bites, and a relentless sales team that put aside the short term sale, focusing instead on stake holders for the last 4 weeks.  The return will be well worth it.  History has proven that 2/3rds of these people will want to engage to find out how much exposure they have, and if the follow up is done properly (see article on effective follow up –, we’ll end up with a very strong Q4 forecast.