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Dan Holt, and long time colleague and client has a great offering now available as an OEM managed services program to technology resellers – you can contact Dan through the Heit website at  Check it out:

Additional Details from Dan’s website:

Why didn’t you build your own router and sell it to your customers?  Of course, it was possible, but it didn’t make business sense to do it.  Therefore, we relied on the experts that have been designing, building, and distributing them most of their whole lives.

Well, just like the demand for routers back in the late 90’s, the market is demanding managed services for performance <> (core, UC, and data center) and security <> . HEIT’s foundation is from experts that have ran military nuclear operations, global ISP’s, and managed IT.  Why not rely on HEIT to deliver your managed services white labeled to your company just like others (see article <> )? HEIT is 1 of only 4 global Master MSP’s by MSP Alliance and has already gone through the stringent audits for SAS-70 Type II, banking, and even one of Cisco’s first Master MSP’s.

What does a small $2500/mo managed services deal give a VAR/SI or SP? strong profit margins, increased relationship with client, and increase valuation of your company by over $100,000, according to brokers, MSP Alliance research, and recent transactions!!!

Find out more on how HEIT is enabling partners with a very attractive model for managed services.