The Hacker’s Most Powerful Tool

Do You Understand The Power Hacker’s Have? And Most of Us Are Helping Them On a Daily Basis This October I will be delivering a keynote at the Celaes conference, put on by Florida’s International Banker’s Association (FIBA). In this month’s FIBA newsletter you’ll find an article discussing The Hacker’s Most Powerful Tool – one you […]

Hackers for Hire!

SHARE – Here’s a simple way to gain access to other people’s computers.  More importantly, here is a simple way for people to gain access to your client’s data.  Note in this article that no one is hacking through firewalls and criminals are difficult to catch.  In fact, most people don’t know they are being […]

Monster Hit

Targeted attacks are growing as companies build storehouses of data – something every company seems to be doing these days.  If you’re working with larger accounts, find the assets.  Where are these storehouses, what do they contain, and who controls access – can they detect and respond to a breach?  Just another example in today’s […]

Sound Bites: Cybercrime Trends and Stolen Digital Assets

As you know, USA today is one of my favorite sources of news.  Check out today’s article on Cybercrime and how the focus of cyberthieves is changing: – an excellent source of attention gripping sound bites for your prospects. Three years ago we had the Iceman – the market leader in ID Theft with […]