I’ve Finally Made it To Kindle

No, I didn’t buy they Kindle, but people have been asking me to put The House & the Cloud and From Vendor to Adviser on Kindle for while now – so, I did!  If you have a hard copy of The House & the Cloud, don’t be fooled by the black cover.  It’s a new […]

From Vendor to Adviser

Here’s the new book!  After almost a year of effort, my latest book, From Vendor to Adviser, is in its final proofing stages, meaning the publisher is sending me the first hard copy to review.  Assuming it looks great, which is what I am hoping for, it will be available on my site store as […]

From Vendor to Adviser Book Update

Several have asked about the new book, From Vendor to Adviser…so here’s a quick update… First, here’s a picture of the book in process.  If you see any errors on the screen, let me know… The good news is, I’ve completed the first draft.  I am now running through it to make some minor changes, […]