Finally on Facebook

I admit I am not an early adopter, but recently I have been doing some research on how to use social media more effectively than I already am.  David Meerman Scott and Chris Brogan have been strong influences on what I do in this area, and of course, they highly recommend it! Coca-Cola uses it, […]

Cyber Suicide – are you killing your brand?

Yesterday on my flight to Boston I was talking to a gentleman about marketing through social networks.  We were discussing how the Internet has completely changed the way we reach customers and prospects, as well as what prospects and clients are attracted to.  Some considerations for your online brand… 1. Is your Cyber-Slip showing?  This […]

Facebook; Make sure you connect the dots

When I see Facebook access reported in assessment reports I yawn.  The asset owner is not going to conclude they’re in trouble when this is reported.  However, if you take time to show them why this is problematic, you might have something.  Here’s a clear statement, using an attraction story (if you’ve read previous posts […]

More on Facebook…RockYou!

32 million clear-text passwords taken captive through an SQL vulnerability!, which provides applications and services for social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace was hacked this week – earlier in the week I posted a blog on social networking sites and hackers, mentioning some of the issues with cloud computing as well.  This is […]

What about facebook?

I’m sure your customers are using Facebook, who isn’t?  So is this okay?  Facebook is like cloud computing and SaaS.  It’s an application like or like using Gmail.  So if you discover Facebook accounts during an assessment or in the selling process, don’t consider this to be justification for a security project.  However, there […]

Hidden Attacks in Websites – Beware!

If you’re selling into companies that host customer-facing websites, this will be important – any large company that offers online services for their customers is a major target according to recent studies published by Websense.  Consider what happens when customers find out that companies they are doing business with are infecting their PCs and stealing […]