A Passion for What?

I spent today in a sort of live master mind group – facilitating a round table discussion, working with several small business owners.  At the heart of every successful small business, or even sales territory, is a passion.  If you build your business trying to fake passion just to make a dollar, you’re bound to […]


The Lost Art of Mentorship

Months ago I embarked on a new project – my first major woodworking project, complete with exotic hardwoods, joinery, and inlays.  Starting with raw mahogany boards, I’ve come to this picture (left)…Several times during the process I found myself stopping in frustration as I took rough lumber, resawed it down to board size, planed it, […]

Tool for Sending Secure Email

How often do your clients send stuff through email that just shouldn’t be sent?  I came across this tool through a client recently – up to five sends free per month; and support for up to 2GB files!  Pretty cool stuff.  This morning I used it to send some very large files to a client […]