No Time For Personal Professional Development

I hope you’re making time for professional development.  I was talking with a business owner about reading the other day – he doesn’t like to read…this is a problem.  Nobody stands still – you’re either growing or shrinking.  Another business owner called in some desperation last week from the west coast.  They are looking at […]

The Incompetent Adviser

Micheal Bosworth, back in his 1995 publication of Solution Selling, wrote, “Power buys from power.” He goes on to explain that executives (people with decision making power) are looking for someone to advise them, and that person must be competent (a person commands authority with advisory power). But how do they know you are that […]

Closing the Million Dollar Deal

How did one of my clients close a million dollar deal? 1. It started with  an event – a prospect, someone she had not done business with in the past, came to an event geared toward educating our audience on the trends and risks associated with today’s cyber criminals. 2. An assessment was done – […]