Raising Entrepreneurs – Non Traditional Routes to True Wealth

I’m just leaving Dallas this afternoon after a great meeting with over  2000  home school parents and young people.  This morning I presented ideas to help people develop entrepreneurial thinking and leadership – to be less risk averse and more innovative.  A few points are worth noting here: Most of our schooling prepared us for […]


Leadership Training in Action

Leadership and survival skills…how does one learn how to navigate through difficulty and face life threatening conditions?  Here’s one way… We started out Friday in 19°F  weather under a blue sky: Bethany, David, and I planned to cover about 15 miles over 3 days, however we didn’t plan on needing snow shoes based on past […]

The Solo Age

Wall Street’s Article in today’s paper, Succeeding in the Age of Going Solo, has some great thoughts for sales people.  The article is really written for all of those professionals who at some point in the last decade faced a layoff and ended up on the street with a resume and no openings.  I am […]