70 Attendees and a 90% Response Rate – David Stelzl Speaks to Business Owners

Back from South Dakota – we had about 70 attendees last night, mostly business owners and leaders from the local community.  About 90% of the companies represented signed up to have their security assessed…why? Because the event was focused on their business and a growing need every attendee had in common.  This event had nothing […]


Filling Seats

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to be working on demand generation events to fill your summer pipeline.  I’m working with several companies right now on the invite process, with hopes of filling our room with quality people who have needs – whether the know it or not. The hardest part of […]

Have an Opinion!

The inflatable gorilla doesn’t work for me, but neither does the obvious presentation.  I want your opinion, not just facts.  I want perspective, not just the vanilla, left brain statistics.  If you want people to listen, you’re going to have to step out and say something.  Three key elements of educational marketing sum it up: […]

Old School vs. New School

Flying to Philadelphia this past week I am struck by how often marketeers interrupt my day.  The tray tables have ads, the flight magazine is almost all advertisements, and now I have to listen to the flight attendant tell me about the great opportunity I have to get a $100 annual fee credit card if […]

When I say Educational Marketing, I mean…

When I say educational marketing, I mean that the presentations, collateral, blog posts, etc. shed new light on subjects your prospects are interested in.  One of the first educational events I personally attended (as a prospect), was just after having received great news, “Your wife is going to have a baby!”  It was our first […]

RSA 2011 – San Francisco; Day Two

Day two of the RSA conference – what a great day.  I started off with breakfast in the Consierge lounge, meeting with RSA’s US Sales manager.  From there I navigated through a 5 minute hail storm on my way to deliver a keynote address to Cisco partners on ways to apply the concepts of educational […]