Refocusing Your Discovery Process

Several companies I am working with right now are going through various assessment and discovery programs to create justification for larger projects.  This builds on the material presented online last week. The problem is, most assessments are too technical.  A change is needed if justification is going to be found in your discovery/assessment process.  Here […]

Gaining Permission

I love Seth Godin’s book, Permission Marketing.  In my recent webinar on Gaining Access to Decision Makers, I recommended reading this in the context of demand generation events and selling with assessments. Gaining permission requires demonstrating value.  In last week’s demand generation event we targeted business owners from the start (rather than going to IT).  […]

Custodians are Important

Custodians are important.  Imagine how your office would look if no one ever cleaned up, took out the trash, vacuumed, or wiped off tables after an all day board meeting.  It would be disgusting.  Things would get so bad after just one week that you would probably move your office back home. Influencers in the […]

I reallocated!

Great messaging demands reallocation not budget.  Why did I spend a significant amount of unbudgeted money yesterday!  Here’s why…(this same goes for your prospects) Here’s how a dentist I didn’t know made a sale to someone who rarely spends money on unbudgeted items or services: 1. This dentist invested time in research and began educating […]

Throughts on Proposing Solutions

Proposals don’t sell solutions – they state what’s already been agreed to. Don’t use your proposal to state your value proposition. When you change your selling process based on a company’s protocol for bidding, you turn your value proposition into a commodity. It was your proclaimed ability to create differentiation that got you in your […]