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HC MP3 CoverPeople have been asking for Years – Finally, We Have The Audio Version… The House & The Cloud…

The only book written specifically to technology providers on how to sell security…


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In 2007, after traveling around the world (more than once) doing Security Sales Mastery Training Classes – Live, I wrote the book.  Actually, I wrote it on the plane.  Flying over 150,000 miles some years, I had lots of time, and writing the book was my dream…

I first got the bug to write a book in 6th grade – Mr. Haar, my teacher assigned us the task of writing a book over the course of  the year. We watched a film (8mm) on the process – the example, an old man going to the sea to study crabs and other shell fish… pretty boring….

My first book featured a family lost at sea on their 25ft cabin cruiser…

I think I made it to page 25, lots of edits, and then just got tired of the whole thing.  Years later, I met a guy who’d written two books.  When I met him, I thought to myself, this guy doesn’t look that smart, how ‘d he write two books?…then he said it, “I know what you’re thinking, I don’t look smart enough to write a book…” Guess he’s heard that before…

Well, he showed me how…and it wasn’t all that hard once I understood the process.  Of course Amazon (Create Space) has taken a lot of the labor and cost out of it…

Fast forward 7 Years – The Second Edition

If you’ve seen the old green cover book, or have the digital version (which is version one)…toss it… Seven years after writing my first book, I’d learned a lot, not just about selling security, but about what a book should look like, feel like, read like…and I rewrote the book. It’s a complete rewrite.

However, I also know you don’t have time to read…(Although everyone should be reading a book a month)…enter, the Audio Book!

I love audio books! I listen in the car, on the plane, and when there’s just too much noise in the car traveling with the family…

Get more info here – and finally get through the book you’ve wanted to read but just don’t have time to read…

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David Stelzl – Security Keynote Speaker, just before going on stage…”Here’s what your clients really need to know…”

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Tuesday We Heard From Prakash Panjwani – Moving to Security is not an option for Technology MSPs and Resellers…

Here are a few comments as I get ready to go on stage in Miami, at the WatchGuard Apogee Event – WatchGuard’s annual partner event for the Americas…

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Are You Getting the Conversion Rates You Need At Lunch & Learn Marketing Events?

I just returned from the Gold Coast – Florida. Not only was our conversion rate strong, something bigger happened, with the potential to double our success!

(Thanks Eric Kiehn and the entire C&W Computers Team for hosting a wonderful event for small business leaders!)

Lunch & learn conversion is somewhat of a mystery. Some have it, some don’t. In a recent post I named three key factors – Asset Owner Audience, Speaker with Authority, and something meaningful to convert to (Like an Assessment).

NOTE: If you still don’t have my High Conversion Security Assessment Template, down load it right here!

But there’s something else – something you can easily add to your next event with the potential to 2X or 5X your results! Listen in on the video as I explain what we did…

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3 Secrets to getting the right audience at your next lunch & learn.

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Solution Strategy 2.0

Download the Roadmap Here:

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We just wrapped up an awesome event in Vancouver, thanks to the Tech Data Team and Tech Select Members!

Yesterday I presented 4 key concepts resellers must execute on if they want to keep growing, or reignite a dying MSP business.

In case you missed it, I did provide a free Assessment Template you’ll want to download

(Click to download it here)

What are the 4 areas? 

First, how to use assessments. Over dinner, Dale Cline, President of BlackStratus (A Security Monitoring Firm based in NY) shared with me, that by changing their approach to an assessment based trial, conversion rates have gone from 30% to 80% in just a few months.  PWC, Accenture, KPMG – these firms have been using assessments and studies to sell for’s the key to avoiding price discussions.

Next, The Value Message. People take care of urgent threats before they expand and invest.  If you’re having a heart attack, you’re not stopping to check your budget. You just go to the hospital before it’s too late. In our session, using the messaging from The House & Cloud, I showed this group exactly how we converted over 25 business leaders in one hour earlier this week – a lunch & learn I did in Richmond VA.

Transformation also requires an ascension strategy – that means modifying your solution strategy. If your only real offering comes from MSP contracts, then how does the 80/20 rule apply. It turns out there’s a 5X growth strategy sitting above your MSP business…but most IT services providers don’t have one.

Finally, if you want to grow, you need a conversion strategy. Referrals are great, but there just aren’t enough of them…This is marketing…reaching out to the masses, building business-level awareness…then moving to trust, and finally to justification using your assessment.

For those of you who did attend – let me know how I can help as you move forward to implementation!

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PS. Get started with the Assessment Template – the fastest way to overcome objections like, “We’ve got it covered”…