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Getting to the right people is the key to finding new opportunity…and yesterday’s educational event was a great example.  We had about 50 business leaders running a  variety of SMB businesses including wealth management, personal safety, software development, and many more.  I delivered an updated review of major security trends along with concepts from by book The House & the Cloud to show local leaders what is happening and why.  As a follow up,  the reseller offered an assessment to review areas that might be in trouble.  Over 90% of attendees committed to this next step!  Next, we will take this message to dozen who were notified, but who were not able to attend…

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March 13, 2009 — Leave a comment
Due out in April 09

Due out in April 09


A quick update on the book – Data@Risk, Building an Asset Mindset Toward Securing Data is due out in April 09.  We’re completing the final pieces right now…finishing up the cover design which looks something like the picture above, inserting humorous illustrations like the one I posted a few days ago, and making some final edits.  This book is positioned for the managers and executives you work with every day, showing them where their data is insecure, why today’s security efforts are largely failing, and how to work more effectively with security consultants to get the job done.  I wrote this in response to many workshop attendees asking for a version of the House & the Cloud suitable for clients.  Stay tuned, it will be out shortly.