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Listen in as Randy Sklar, president of Sklar Technology Partners and recent present of his regional VTN chapter interviews me – this clip was made specifically as a follow up to a very successful, decision maker level, educational seminar.  The event received strong sponsorship from companies such as Zenith Infotech – one of the only managed services companies I know of that financially supports this type of event.

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Data Loss

February 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

Here’s a site one of my recent class attendees sent that tracks data loss…an easy way to keep up with recent cyber crime.  Thanks Joel!

Here’s a rare clip where I explain how security works – this message has been central to helping management level people understand why their IT people cannot be the only one’s looking at security – creating an opportunity for consultants like those in your firm.  Notice I don’t speak technical jargon in this presentation.  There is no benefit to showing off your acronym vocabulary while selling.

© David Stelzl, 2010

SMB Sound Bites

November 4, 2009 — Leave a comment

Soundbites that matter!  If you call on SMB clients, knowing some of these facts may help you make your case.  Of course, we learned from “Made to Stick” (One of my favorite marketing books) that analytics won’t move  customer to buy; however, from the House & the Cloud, you know that soundbites can be used effectively when used correctly in the sales process.  Take a look at some of these (thanks to Randy Sklar, President of Sklar Technology Partners in Richmond, VA for forwarding these stats from a recently published NCSA/Symantec Study)…

  • The average small business is storing customer data, financial data, and credit card data on site. (We could have assumed this – but there’s more)
  • 58%  of them agree that their data security is not getting better
  • 75% of them are using the Internet to conduct business
  • 42% of them understand that their customers are concerned about data security
  • 86% don’t have anyone focused on securing their data
  • 90% of them are not really doing anything to educate their employees about security.

Sounds like a managed services opportunity to me.


Recent hacks against Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have successfully compromised email passwords.  While some people rely on these services for innocuous email exchanges, others are using this for business and other important matters.  What about cloud computing.  If email services such as these are not secure, how will companies move to other cloud services using applications such as spreadsheets?

As for these reported email compromises:

  • Microsoft admits that several thousand Hotmail accounts were compromised – one source reported 9843 user names and passwords were posted online.
  • BBC reported lists of both Yahoo and Gmail users exposed as well.

If they’re getting to these email sources, they’ll also get to other applications in the cloud hosted by these companies…and with the investments companies like Google are making in security, it’s hard to believe anyone has it covered out there – yet I hear  this all the time from IT; “We’ve got it covered”.

Read SC Magazine’s report on this:

One of the issues I talk about in my Data@Risk book is that of getting rid of old systems that still have sensitive data on them.  Most managers have no idea what they are doing when it comes to disposal.  Often I see them stored in a back room or sold off to a solution provder with the intention of reselling them; big mistake.  It’s difficult and expensive to make sure systems are clean enough to resell or donate.  I recently ran into a company with a unique value proposition – might be a partnering opportunity for those of you doing large refresh projects.  The company is Reclamere…

Reclamere works with companies that take protecting private and sensitive information assets seriously.  The company can facilitate the logistical support to remove any number of legacy IT assets (PCs, monitors, printers, etc.).  Reclamere has the capability to provide for the complete destruction and full documentation of all forms of digital data.  These services can be provided nationwide with a short turnaround time.  You can contact Joe Harford  directly at or visit his website for more info at