Habit 2 Thinking – Seminars and Lunch & Learns

Continuing on with Habit 2 thinking, how does this apply with events and seminars? When I conduct Data@Risk seminars, I am presenting educational material to business leaders, helping them establish better business practices that will better serve their customers and protect their company’s intellectual capital.  This has value in and of itself, but it does […]

Shooting in the Dark

Yesterday I mentioned Covey’s second habit – Beginning with the end in mind…how does this work in practice? When planning a sales call, “the end”, or meeting outcome must be the first consideration!  Doing otherwise wastes both yours and the prospects time.  What should the call outcome be?  Almost every company I work with can […]

Busted! – World Pay Hackers are Caught

9 million dollars in 12 hours, not a bad hourly wage, especially in this economy.  This was a sophisticated attack, and I expect to see it happen again.  Putting a few people in jail won’t stop others from copying this type of strategy – the question is, will your customers be able to detect it […]