Things that Command Higher Fees

What allows a company or individual to command higher fees?  I’ve written various posts over the past few weeks on fees, and yesterday, I commented on setting higher fixed fees vs. totaling your projected hours and presenting a fixed amount (this generally leads to underestimating and a decrease in project GP).  But what allows a […]

Raising Entrepreneurs…quotes from the week

We’re back from a week of home school training – but along with great ideas for schooling comes some great thought provoking business concepts from the sessions I attended: We need to be writers – writing forces you to think precisely.  This in turn enables you to speak persuasively.  Whether selling or running a business […]

2010 Key Sound Bites for Selling

They all say they’ve got it covered…no one does!  Here is a summary article from one of my contacts at DiData…great info, thanks Matt. Summary: “Our systems are probed thousands of times a day and scanned millions of times a day,” – speaking of government defense systems… “We are experiencing damaging penetrations — damaging […]

Black Friday

Everyone’s watching the numbers, predictions continue to say the recovery is on, and shoppers did spend over 4 million this past weekend…however, don’t be fooled.  No one knows what the economy looks like in the coming year, and shopper’s spending has nothing to do with a consulting company’s success in 2010.  In past years, you […]

Mastering Boardroom Presentations

Every workshop I conduct is a learning experience for me.  Here are some of the key thoughts I had coming away from today’s workshop on Mastering Boardroom Presentations (Richmond VA): Assessments and studies justify new business.  If your clients are calling for product quotes, someone else created the justification.  Your value proposition is now “Price”. […]

More on Intellectual Capital

In my travels last week I met a doctor who specializes in treating body imbalances.  His business is contrarian to say the least.  No insurance network affiliations, no insurance filing services, no discounts, no kidding; yet he is busy and obviously doing very well for himself.  What is the secret?  Rather than going along with […]

The Profit Program Model

Leading with product results in price being your differentiator; leading with managed services requires that there be a trust relationship already established, making new client acquisition nearly impossible.  True value differentiation comes through consultative offerings, generally in the form of analysis or strategy.  Fluctuations in staffing utilization and consultant availability eat at profits as operational […]