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Lots of laughs from the Washington Post  on the conficker worm – so far a big nothing, but at least this paper has a sense of humor on the subject (or more likely they were disappointed as readership numbers in this country are declining in the wake of Internet news sources.)  SC Maginzine said first – don’t expect much.  If something does happen, I’ll be sure to add a sound bite right here.

In the mean time I am preparing to speak today to a group that must take action; state and local government IT executives in Sacramento California.  State and local is where much of our personal information resides and it’s a big target for those stealing and selling information.  These crimes won’t be announced as a disruptive software threat, but will rather come in disguise, siphoning off data as long as they can do it undetected.


You should know what this is.  Tomorrow is the day of the Conficker Worm, and it’s likely that some of your clients will have it.  USA Today gives a simple test to see if you’re infected.  The worm blocks over 100 websites, so simply ask clients if they can reach,,, or Symantec’s site, and if they can they’re good (according to USA Today).   

What does this worm do?  There seems to be some confusion and ambiguity here. I don’t have it so I don’t really know.  But USA Today mentions everything from “nothing major”, to “Cyberwarfare”.   In either case, you may have people asking, so a quick read of the USA today article might be prudent.