Hudson Taylor wrote, “At first the task looks difficult, then it is impossible; then it is done.”  Disciplines of health, parenting, work…it takes discipline to get started, endurance keeps you going.  At the end of the day, the discipline of exercise, getting on my bike, followed by endurance to finish the race.  I do it […]

Presenting by Phone

RSA is over and I’m headed home.  While here  I thought of one more important presentation topic, so continuing from the whiteboard and PowerPoint posts last week, here is an important add-on. Sometimes you just can’t be there in person, so what do you do?  I am not a fan of cold calling when it […]

Balance urgency with strategy

I hope you are planning.  09 is right around the corner – spending all of your time on the urgent year end close may prove to be a mistake as the word recession continues to  appear in the local papers.  While your clients may be spending their budgets, I suspect budgets will be leaner and […]

The Name Collector

Collecting names is one thing you can be doing right now to build your 2009 business.  Prospecting in today’s business climate is not easy; people don’t answer the phone and emailing without permission is frowned upon.  But are you collecting every name?  In a coaching call yesterday, one business owner noted that my Idea-Marketing® concepts are the only […]


For months now I have fought the urge to start my blog – but when I received a call from the Amazing Window sales person yesterday, I knew this couldn’t wait any longer.  He started out by acknowledging that if I needed windows, I would have already called him, but since I had not, I […]