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moneyAre You Getting New Customers Every Month?

Not everyone is – especially in the Small Business Market.  

The economy is shaky, and in an election year, many small business owners are waiting to see what’s going to happen.

In the mean time, you could be capitalizing on the security trends.  The news is full of horror stories these days.  But the sale isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Last week I presented a livecast workshop on WebinarJam – I’ve been using a strategy for the past 15 years that does not depend on economics or budgets.  And it’s proven to work over and over, even with people who don’t believe they need more security.

This is so important that I’ve gone out for sponsorship so you don’t have to pay the $500 I normally charge for the workshop.  Check Point and Ingram Micro have agreed to sponsor a second run of this program on April 7th! That’s this week!

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appleApple Does Not Have to Decrypt the Phone After All – This is a Historical Moment.

But Once Again, No Technology Is Really Secure…The FBI Has Managed to Break Through Apples iPhone Security.

Did you doubt they could? Did you think the iPhone could really stand up to this?  If you did, you need to know more about security. Good security means fast detection and real-time response.  The front door can always be broken into.

Security is a funny thing. If Apple had given in, case law would have been established. Any future crime could have forced the developer to change the code, create a backdoor, or make things less secure. I know there are many people saying this isn’t true, but most of them can’t claim any security expertise.  As a CISSP, I’m stating my opinion.  I haven’t met one serious security expert who disagrees with me – although I’m sure there are some.

On the other hand, security can always be broken into…that’s why there’s a huge opportunity for every technology company right now.  If you take on security there’s new business out there. We have a problem. If the FBI gained access (or some of their third party contractors), the bad guys can do it too.

There’s still time to join me for this week’s free online WebCast.  

This week I’ll be showing you how to create an annuity business that will far outlast the tradition commodity MSP business everyone is already doing.  You won’t have to abandon anything you already do. But you will be adding some things, and approaching the deal differently…and in a far more effective way.

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This training is so important, I wanted to find a way to get it to you without it costing you a fortune…so I’ve partnered with two technology companies that want the same thing!  Join me this week – Check Point and Tech Data have teamed up to bring this program to your laptop or phone.

Plus, they’re giving away additional training and products!  Click the link above now and find out more!…see you on Thursday.

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IMG_2104Ransomware, ID Theft, Hidden Attacks…

This is the time to be investing in security services.

Find Out How You Can Turn Your Technology Reseller Business Into a High-Margin Profit Machine… 

On March 31st, Check Point, in partnership with Tech Data will be hosting a special LIVECAST event where I will be sharing key strategies that can open doors you’ve never imaged going through.

This is for resellers only!  Join us by clicking on the link below!  But don’t wait. Seating is limited…


BONUS #1!  During this event, Check Point will be giving away 10 seats in my most popular online training program – The Security Sales Mastery Program.

BONUS #2! One lucky attendee will leave with a brand new 700 series Check Point security appliance!  All you have to do is show up and tell us you want one…

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secureworldSecureWorld – Charlotte is Next Week

What’s Your Conversion Strategy?

Whether its a sales call coming up, trade show, lunch & learn, or channel summit you’re attending – do you have a conversion strategy? Most people, when they book a trade show, or set up a lunch & learn mark it on the calendar and wait for it to happen. This is poor planning. Speakers do the same thing. Book a gig, write it on the calendar, and then go about their other business. $1 HC Book Ad

Conversion Strategy should be top of mind.  Whatever your next social interaction is, get a conversion plan in place. Yesterday, on a coaching call, I asked a sales rep about his upcoming lunch & learn…”If I were a CIO attending, what would our next step be? What’s the conversion strategy?” His answer was the norm – not sure.  This is typical because we don’t naturally think about conversion.  Perhaps is sounds too salesy. But it’s important.

Two weeks ago I was attending Check Point’s Sales Kick Off.  As soon as I locked in the trip, I was meeting with my team to put a conversion in place. With limited time, and knowing how busy everyone would be at the show, we created a very simple plan.

New Business Cards!

That’s right, we decided to create extra large business cards (About 3 by 5) with my contact info and a $1 book offer for The House & The Cloud. Knowing everyone would be handing out standard business cards, I wanted something that would stand out with a direct marketing offer on it.

Did it work?  It did….I got people’s attention. People laughed when I pulled out my giant business card, but I also connected with people that might otherwise have tossed my card in a pile of trade show materials after the event.

Next week I will be speaking at the Charlotte SecureWorld Conference…I have just one week to put my strategy in place…showing up without one would be a huge mistake.

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PS, If you missed getting my card at the Check Point Event, try clicking on the HOUSE & CLOUD ad above…


IMG_3847Check Point’s One Step Ahead Campaign

If You’re Going To Be In the IT Management Business, You Can’t Afford to Fall Behind

This is not a blog post about Check Point – however I am at the Check Point SKO 2016 this week – and excited to hear the phrase, One Step Ahead. It’s Check Point’s 2016 Vision Statement Summary, but it needs to be everyone’s.  Pictured above – Amnon Bar-Lev, President of Check Point Software, communicating the vision to his team and reseller partners.

Meanwhile, Walmart if closing down about 150 stores including both superstores and the smaller stores they’ve experimented with since 2011.

Remember when Walmart was idolized for their amazing achievements using technology to build the JIT (Just In Time) inventory machine? They were unstoppable.  Taking over cities, pushing out the little guys. Taking over the world.

We probably all still buy from Walmart. I know my daughters pick up groceries there every week. But then look at Jeff Bezos, a computer science guy about my age. In 1994 he had a crazy idea to start an online bookstore. After consulting with his wife – she said, “Go for it!” and he did. He started Amazon.$1 HC Book Ad

That’s the competition. Amazon is eating Walmart’s lunch because they are one step ahead. And if you look at what they’ve done, it’s all about customer experience. The second most important value proposition I’ve written about over the past decade. Watch over the next 5 years and we’ll see some some big shifts in who leads in business growth. Expect companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook to reshape everything we know about business.

Several of the resellers I’ve been working with this year are here this week – and it’s become clearer than ever, Security is the Most Important Thing They Can Be Talking About To Their Clients.  

In fact, on the break today, one of these resellers had a quick call with a new prospect. They are evaluating new IT Mannagement companies right now, and wanted to meet him this week. Of course he can’t – he’s here. She then told him he would not be considered. His response – “I’m at a security conference and you’ll want to hear what I have to say because none of the people you are considering understand how to keep your data safe.” She immediately extended her process to give him a meeting next week. Coming from this week’s meeting, I expect he’ll be armed with a compelling story, an assessment offer, and a high likelihood of closing the business.

© 2016, David Stelzl

Is Your MSP Business Growing?

How Many New Logos Did You Pick Up in 2015?

That was the question I started with in last nights Check Point/Tech Data event just outside of Boston. From the hand raises it looked like many groups I’ve spoken to in recent months.

Everyone has an MSP offering – meaning there are thousands of resellers offering basically the same thing…and most don’t see big growth.  2016 will probably show a decline in sales – and if you’re hoping to sell more product, forget it. The cloud really is hear to stay. Of course everything seems to go in cycles, so maybe we’ll move back to mainframes next, and then a new type of Token Ring network.

If you’re in sales, you know the technology is not all that important. Conversion is what matters. Do you have something people are interested in, need, and are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on? Last night I shared pieces of a presentation I use to convert small business audiences through lunch & learns. The point of the message is this: Everyone needs more security. This will become even more critical over the next 12 months as many companies adopt more apps, more cloud, and more BYOD. $1 HC Book Ad

The problem is, small business owners are limited on budget. If you ask them, they don’t need more security. In fact, they don’t need more of anything…well, what they really need more of is retained earnings and working capital.  Better workers would be a plus.

But the truth is, they really do need more security. They just can’t see it. If you had a way to attract them into an educational session, with a message that clearly explained the need…and brought them to a point of wanting to know where they really sit (Assessment), would new business result?  It would.

The core message I presented last night comes from my book, The House & The Cloud.It points out the one BIG mistake just about all companies have made. Their security centers around firewalls and passwords. There is no detection, and there is no response. And that means, once a breach occurs, they won’t know it for at least 14 months (According to the FBI – and it could be a lot longer.)  Next step – enter the Assessment.

Our meeting ended with Tech Data and Check Point offering qualified resellers a seat in the SVLC Security Sales Mastery Program…the only training program I know of specifically designed for resellers, to teach them how to sell more security to business leaders.

© 2016, David Stelzl

P.S. Looking forward to presenting this later today in NYC. – Sponsored by Ingram Micro.



Some Great Opportunities To Grow Your Business

First, this Thursday, Ingram Micro is sponsoring a free online workshop – Lead Magnets, How to Get Dozens of New Leads Every Quarter, Without Making Cold Calls.

Sign Up Here! (CLICK).

Second, the video above provides a summary of some great information I delivered over the past few months traveling around with the Check Point Software SMB team.  On this 30 minute video you’ll find an overview of strategies to transform your MSP business with security, providing a great foundation for the material I’ll be presenting on Thursday…hope to see you there. $1 HC Book Ad

Remember, you can get more detail by ordering The House & The Cloud – now for just $1.00 – for a limited time!

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