Learning How to Read Sales Books

I’m often asked what books to read – but rarely asked how to read them… Have you ever considered, how to read a book? Following my Keynote at the BASF Sales meeting in Frankfurt Germany this week, I did an interactive session on Character; the importance of building character, and how to go about building […]

The Greedy Salesperson

In my early day’s of sales management one of my colleagues made the statement, “Greed is good.”  The idea being, we want the sales team to want money, which in turn will drive them toward greater profits.  It sounds right when you hear it in passing…I’m convinced it’s dead wrong. The Good to Great Paradigm […]

The Anger Trap

First – don’t forget there is a new post at http://dstelzl.podbean.com/ on sales strategy! This week I have been hosting a seminar on 7 Basic Principles of Success.   We have over 30 attendees meeting over 6 days; every night and all day Friday and Saturday.   I appreciate the investment these men and woman have made […]