Post Demand Generation Event Interview with Speaker, David Stelzl

One of the most effective ways for resellers and channel partners to market  demand generation events is by video. Using  a video like the one below, resellers can contact those who have not responded in the past,  giving them a taste of what they missed – it can also be used as a follow up for […]


Branding – What Makes You Memorable?

Is your brand memorable? Some have tried to brand by offering lower prices, others with great customer satisfaction, or by building great relationships with their clients.  I see companies touting great people, certifications, or their status as a reseller of some product.  “We are gold partners”, or “Platinum and security certified!”  But these things don’t […]

The Var and the Vendor

When I first entered the technology consulting business, my new manager referred to our firm as a VAR (value added reseller).  VAR!  He said it with pride as though it meant something special.  Coming from a large bank where we referred to our services providers as vendors and VARs, I knew this was no complement.  […]

The Discount Trap

Are these cars really on sale?  Quick, let’s run down and get one…I remember the first car I bought off the lot.  I was just graduating college and I told my father about a big sale they were having at a local dealer.  He looked at me…I could see what he was thinking.  “Didn’t I […]

Singapore – Day 12; Wrapping up in Singapore

Finishing up in Singapore today, I spent my day following up with class attendees, meeting with the class sponsors and stakeholders, and catching up on some work to prepare for my trip to Bangalore.  In addition, I took some time to visit the shopping areas surrounding my hotel in the shopping district.  Singapore has an […]

Notes from My Ingram Micro Presentation

Just returning from my Dallas event with Ingram Micro…what a great trip and event!  Ingram Micro always does a great job hosting these types of programs for it’s reseller community…a few follow-up notes on my talk for those who attended and even those who did not… There is a time to charge for assessments! 1. […]

Sound Principles Of Business

Meeting today with a group of entrepreneurs – some key points from this discussion group: 1. Most people charge too little…that’s right!  Your client gives you the sob story about how they can’t afford it.  In fact there’s a value disconnect and a natural tendency to want a discount.  Hold your ground, you can’t afford […]