Interview On Cloud

This event closed 100% of the Attendees! The above video comes from an interview I did with Randy Sklar, President of Sklar Technology Partners.   Whenever you do an event, it is best to video it! These video clips and interviews can then be used as promotional pieces for your next event – as well […]

Another Cloud Computing Security Concern

New York Times posted  this recently – And thanks to Fred at HP for sending this.  Yahoo email hacked!  Again, China is mentioned as the hacker’s origination.  For those of you fighting against people moving to the cloud – keep these articles in front of your clients!  I spoke about this in an interview a […]

Is electronic medical information safe?

They’re all headed that way – EMR.  Is it safe?  Of course not.  What makes this data at risk? There are two things; first people want it and they know where it is…with the doctor and with the insurance company.  Second, the people creating it, using it, and responsible for it are generally clueless as […]

Where is your data?

I received this from one of my colleagues while sitting in the Las Vegas airport, heading home from last night’s Seattle event.   One of our event topics addressed the whereabouts of your client’s data…where is it?  It’s everywhere.  And that includes home. In an article from Today’s Washington Post (Thanks to my official DC Correspondent […]

ITRC Report – A resource you’ll want to have on hand this year

The ITRC – Identity Theft Resource Center is a nonprofit organization that exists to “Educate consumers, corporations, government agencies and other organizations on best practices for fraud and identity theft detection, reduction and mitigation.”  They put out a report each year summarizing who was breached and how many records were exposed (if known).  2008’s statistics […]

Into the Breach

Over the holidays I received my personal copy of Into the Breach, a recent publication on information theft by Michael Santarcangelo.  I can almost hear myself in this book; forget about the products, focus on the assets, find the asset owner.  I am just about half-way through at this point – I highly recommend reading […]