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Is your brand memorable?

Some have tried to brand by offering lower prices, others with great customer satisfaction, or by building great relationships with their clients.  I see companies touting great people, certifications, or their status as a reseller of some product.  “We are gold partners”, or “Platinum and security certified!”  But these things don’t work as unique branding contributors.  Your business, and you yourself must offer something unique or represent something people see as unique and compelling.  Uniqueness comes with specialization; a unique process, or intellectual capital that others don’t possess, or something about you that adds to your ability, character, or appeal.  You have a product or an approach no one else has.

I was on the phone with a client the other day, and at the start of our call to discuss our first contract (recently signed), she said, I have heard you speak before!  It had dawned on her just a day or two ago as she was lying in bed. She remembered me as “The guy with seven kids and one wife, who home schools and has his children involved in all kinds of entrepreneurial businesses.”    In this case it was my personal story that caught her attention.  She couldn’t remember my name, but my story was fresh on her mind and memorable. The fact that I have children is not impressive, the seven children is somewhat memorable, the businesses are highly memorable, especially when combined with my seven kids who are homeschooled.  People remember this and it works. It adds to my credibility simply because, if I can help teenagers start profitable businesses, perhaps I can help anyone.

What makes your story unique and memorable?  This is the key to your brand…and a business without a brand, is on it’s way out of business.

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Off to Boston

February 23, 2010 — Leave a comment

Landing in Boston last night, the weather here was actually nice although they are calling for snow this week – we’ll see.  As I am preparing for meetings  this week with Courion (Access Assurance and compliance) to discuss messaging strategies, I have marketing and branding on the forefront of my mind.  This seems to be the weak link in many of the companies I’ve worked with or encountered over the past decade.  While some are investing in building a brand – as this company is, others are still trying to push ahead with brute force and more sales micro-management.  The problem is, when a sales person finally does get a qualified meeting, their message is weak, they are immediately demoted to IT,  and the opportunity becomes a long drawn out sales process to sell a widget to people with no money to spend.

Build the message – begin establishing the brand by focusing on the urgency.  Keep asking, “Is this worth reallocating time, money, and resources to?”  If it isn’t, you may be selling the wrong thing.


An article you may want to skim on hackers in China: – this was on the front page of Wall Street and well worth reading.  The point is, this young man from China explains how he got into hacking, how the code is put together to steal data, and how much money he made doing it.  Knowing this kind of information makes your message more relevant – it’s not the high tech theoretical data many are running around with.  This is what is actually happening on the street and all around us.

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Punta Cana – Last Day

February 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

Here’s a short picture of the resort surroundings…while we spent much of our time inside, I did get out for dinner events, snorkeling, and some relaxation!  Did I mention it was hot?

One comment from my session:  Great technology nor great expertise without great messaging, won’t win the deal.


Everything you put online contributes to your personal brand.  As a sales person, consultant, or solution provider, your brand matters – make sure it’s excellent!