The Bot; Your Prospect’s Enemy #1

One Thing to Look For In Your Next Security Assessment… If You Want To Convert To Projects & Managed Services Are you assessing your client’s data security? More importantly, is your assessment turning up urgent issues.  A week or so ago I posted on finding urgent issues – The Bot is your client’s number one enemy. […]

Gameover Zeus – An Important Cybercrime Update

Have You Heard of Gameover Zeus? If you’ve encountered Cryptolocker – it’s just one of many attacks that have come out of the Gameover Zeus Gang.  But the story is just now unfolding. The Gameover Zeus Gang refers to itself as The BusinessClub.  Their botnet has been one of the most destructive forces in cybercrime […]

Mariposa – One of the world’s largest botnets disabled

“It turned out that the botnet runners had infected computers by instant-messaging malicious links to contacts on infected computers. They also got viruses onto removable thumb drives and through peer-to-peer networks. The program used to create the botnet was known as Mariposa, from the Spanish word for “butterfly.” – From Today’s USA Today…. A few […]

News from Australia

Traveling in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne this week, I’ve had opportunity to work with many local integrators, IBM, Cisco, HP, and local telcos on their security strategy.  It’s a global issue, and for those on the selling side, a global opportunity.  One workshop attendee passed on this attached article offering some insights and new sound […]