Digital Money Update

Digital Money, The Book David Stelzl’s Latest Book   It’s been a busy summer. Some traveling, lots of work, and lots of writing. It’s all in preparation for the fall. Most of my fall will be spent in front of business leaders talking about security. Central to these presentations is my new book, Digital Money. I […]

Enjoy the Christmas Holidays!

It’s my favorite time of year – spending time with family, listening to great Christmas music, attending concerts and Christmas programs, and looking back over the year…Merry Christmas!  (Yes I am a day late – it’s been a busy week!).  If you didn’t get a copy of From Vendor to Adviser in your stocking this […]

From Vendor to Adviser

Here’s the new book!  After almost a year of effort, my latest book, From Vendor to Adviser, is in its final proofing stages, meaning the publisher is sending me the first hard copy to review.  Assuming it looks great, which is what I am hoping for, it will be available on my site store as […]