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cloud1Where Should You Focus Sales Efforts in 2016

The trends are important.  Whether you resell technology or sell for a vendor, you need to know what CIOs are up against…if you call on the SMB, think of the owner as the part-time CIO. Both are going to leverage technology if they plan to grow.

Know the Important Trends Before You Make Your Next Sales Appointment

Regardless of what President Obama claims, WSJ continues to report a shaky economy. That translates into tighter spending.  This morning’s WSJ reports three significant trends…

  1. BIG DATA is where the gains are. Big data represents a promise for future decision making – better decision making. Especially in the enterprise, data analysis can lead to better marketing, better hiring, and greater efficiency. The value proposition here is Competitive Advantage! One of the four key value props I wrote about in From Vendor to Adviser.
  2. CLOUD is strong. People are moving to the cloud to achieve greater efficiencies. That means they want to see a reduction in TCO – Total Cost of Ownership.  This too is one of the four value props I describe in my book.
  3. Third, there is a slowdown in SECURITY – but the WSJ is talking about new companies and IPOs, not security spending. IT Spending as a whole is down by more than 5% this year as compared to last (According to recent WSJ reports), but security spending is up.

If you understand Cloud and Big Data (And we should mention IoT as well here), you know that using these technologies demands a change in the security strategy. Tie the two together and you’re well positioned to drive security business. If you call on the SMB market, you should be adding the DETECTION side of security to every existing contract – it’s an almost guaranteed up-sell opportunity.

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This week I am up in Chicago working with a company to build differentiation and competitive advantage – it’s one of the four things buyers buy (something I wrote extensively about in my book, From Vendor to Adviser).  Where is the growth opportunity?

From the Wall Street Journal this morning:

“Cybersecurity and Big Data are the dynamic duo of tech jobs. The demand for cybersecurity experts is growing at 12 times the overall job market, making it one of the most highly sought-after fields in the country, according to a report by Burning Glass International Inc., a Boston-based company that uses artificial intelligence to match jobs and job seekers. “Few job categories can match the explosive growth in demand for cyber security talent,” Burning Glass CEO Matthew Sigelman told CIO Journal in an email. “One of those may be Big Data, with demand for certain big data skills up 122% in the past year alone.” The growth in demand for cyber security expertise is closely related to the growth in demand for Big Data skills. “After all, as companies are focusing more and more on Big Data and the value that’s accrued within their customer databases, not surprisingly they have also come to focus more attention on managing the risks and the vulnerabilities,” he said.”

The security market is growing…but just saying security isn’t enough.  Technology trends that revolve are big data, mobility and BYOD, and virtualization / cloud technologies are important applications of security.  I hear people saying things like, “I don’t recommend cloud – it’s not secure.”  Our opinion on this doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is, companies are heading this direction and need someone to help them be as secure as possible.

There are thousands of sales people out there selling general technology products.  If you want to be relevant in the coming decade, specialization is needed.  This goes for both companies and their sales teams.

P.S. Really enjoying the snow storm in Chicago this week!

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Important Transformational Technology Trends

As I read the CIO Journal (special section of the Wall Street Journal), I continue to come across four transformational technologies areas:

  • Cloud
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobility/BYOD/Consumerization
  • Social Media and Collaboration

While you might not be specifically selling a turnkey solution in one of these areas, it is helpful to know where your offerings fit within these.  For instance, you might not have an application for ad hoc reporting on data analytics or BI (Business Intelligence), but what about the back end data center required to handle the big data part of this? Without a great storage management solution in place, companies are going to have trouble as their big data world gets…BIG.

Security is another area that surrounds all of these.  Can you help people move toward cloud technology solutions that you don’t necessarily host, and still be involved?  There are numerous security issues wrapped up in making such a move, and many considerations as to what kind of cloud solution they choose.  On the mobility side, security is becoming a huge issue – so make sure you build this into your messaging even if you don’t really deal in smart phones and tablets.  Most of the end-node security solutions are headed that way, so be the security arm of this movement.  How they collaborate, use social media, and even looking back at the security of email, should be on your list of things to talk about.

The point is, to be able to use the key words executives are using.  Talk big data vs. storage, and don’t constantly put down cloud solutions, or you may find yourself distanced from the decision makers.  Speak their language and plug your offerings into their world.

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