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You can’t close without justification…this short video explains how justification happens – when this doesn’t take place, the sale stalls or dies…

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Join me this Wednesday at 12 Noon EST for a discussion on Effective Demand Generation and the use of security Assessments.  This is part of a series I am doing – sponsored by Cisco Systems.  There is no cost – you just need to sign up here (CLICK).  Scroll down and to the right for the registration button, and note future events as well.

This has been a hot topic as many are working to build their pipeline for 2011 – Demand Generation events are still one of the most effective ways to do this, however I see many of these types of events producing lackluster results!  Why?  It takes work; but it takes more than work.  There is a strategy to all of this, and when the formula is followed, it works.  In some of the blog posts I wrote last week I shared about events that produced almost nothing, or had as little as two attendees.  This is obviously not what we are looking for.  On the other hand, I will be talking about recent events where we had 75 -100 people attend.

But numbers, while they feel good at the time, are not always as profitable.  I’ve done smaller events with 10 people that drove half-million dollar security deals, others with 25-30 where just about every attendee represented new business to the host.  This is critical information for any sales team looking to grow, and any company looking to spend their joint marketing funds (JMF) on customer events.

When you click the link, be sure to scroll down and to the right – click the button, and sign up.  I’ll see you there online this Wednesday!

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Great news!  The 2010 teleseminar series has been posted online at – and I have some very steep discounts for people who would like to sign up for the year (10 highly focused, content rich sessions starting March 2010).  I am also sending a FREE Data@Risk book to the first 10 people registered…discounts apply through January.

March 19 – Irresistible Justification
Assessments can be one of the most compelling forms of justification when used correctly. In this session, I’ll be showing you how to use assessments (both technical and business level/complementary and fee based) to accelerate your sales cycle for projects and managed service deals!

April 16 – Strategies for Hiring Great People
In the past 20 years I have hired hundreds of people and coached many in the hiring process. I’ll show you how to differentiate good candidates from great candidates and how to know before hiring, who is worth their wages. Obviously this is meant for managers, however others may find this beneficial in discovering what makes for a great interview.

May 14 – Balancing Work and Family
Raising seven children and home schooling, while running a business is no easy task. Let’s face it, when things at home are stressed, the burden carries over to your work, and affects your performance. Put things into balance and you’ll find greater success. I’ll share with you some of the secrets of making this all work.

June 18 – Success through Character
Character matters! Whether you’re looking for personal success or building a team, character can make or break you. In fact, it would be hard to find a personnel problem that is not character related. Great character is at the root of great success, so whether you sell, implement, or run and manage a company of division, this may be the most important topic I cover in 2010.

July 16 – Stop wasting time,
There are lot’s of great books on time management, but who has time to read them? We’ll take a look at planning your day, focusing your time and energy, techniques for refreshment, and how to keep up with everything you have going on!

August 20 – Keys to Great Sales Management
If you used to sell or if you own a business, you may suddenly be called on to manage sales. It’s a hard job to keep sales people motivated, rewarded, and accountable. We’ll discuss compensation, motivation, hiring, managing, and a host of things that will help any manager succeed as they oversee sales. If you’re in sales, please join us to gain a better understanding of what makes a great employee.

September 17 – Personal Branding and Marketing
Marketing and branding are quickly changing. Learn what to stop doing, and where to begin. Use of social media, article servers, email, and effective messaging that will change the way people view you and your company.

October 15 – Winning Proposals
Deals don’t close simply by a great proposal, however a deal can go down quickly when a proposal is poorly structured and presented. Learn both what it takes in writing as well as in presentation to make a great proposal that will boost your sales.

November 19 – Financial Stability through Recurring Revenue
In our present economy, recurring revenue may be your only hope. Whether you already have it or are building it, I’ll show you how to keep it growing. This is a critical part of your companies success in the years to come.

December 17 – Vendor to Adviser
If you’ve not made the transition, be assured they are calling you a vendor behind your back. We’ll look at moving past gate keepers and blockers, demonstrating value in board rooms, and moving to a consultative selling model.

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