60 Calls Per Day Gets You One Deal Per Month, Really?

How Many Meetings Are You Getting Per Month? How Many New Clients Have You Picked Up Over the Past 12 Months? I hear this all the time, “It’s a number’s game.” If you make 60 calls, or some say 100, then you should get 4 – 6 meetings each month, and 1 will close. That’s […]


Retention and Growing Your MSP

Are Your MSP Clients Staying? The Average Stay is 5 Years According to Those Deep Into the MSP Offerings So how do you keep clients longer, or avoid having even shorter retention. If you could stop just 5% of your clients from leaving – increasing their lifetime value by one of more years, you would see an […]

5 Things Sales People Do That CIOs Hate

Last week I spoke to the High Performance Technologies Sales Team… Delivering a Keynote on, The Secrets of High Priced Consultants…lessons I’ve learned from the Big Six and others, who know how to call on C-Level Executives. There are 5 major disciplines I see high-priced consultants mastering.  For instance, they sell one of 4 things […]

What Skills Should You Invest In Right Now?

What Skills Should You Be Investing In Right Now? Will You make the cut? Cisco is laying off another 8% of its workforce. That’s about 6000 people – it’s not the first time. And they’re not the only ones making cuts.  Microsoft reported a cut of 18,000 jobs in July and HP has had its […]

Merry Christmas – and Our 10th Year Anniversary!

Looking Back on 10 Years… Christmas is right around the corner – and yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts… It was just about 11 years ago that my wife encouraged me to seriously consider leaving Dimension Data to start my own business – doing something new. At the time I was […]