Can Obama Make the Internet More Secure?

How Should The Government Get Involved? Compliance & Security Are Not The Same Thing This week I’ll be speaking to CISOs in Raleigh, NC on this topic (Thanks for The Teneo Group and Check Point for hosting this event.) Security is not a simple thing. And it would seem that companies like Sony are on […]


The Biggest Hack In History – From Russia

Russian Hackers Steal 1.2 Billion IDs This is a Big Hack…Something to Create a Briefing From Have you read The Challenger Sale yet? Everyone is talking about this book – sales organizations see the wisdom in what Matthew Dixon is saying…in case you’re not familiar with it – education or an educational message with unexpected revelations […]

How to Access Decision Makers With Video

The Power of Video Marketing How many executives will watch this video vs. your standard corporate presentation? This is the infomercial…while it’s not direct marketing, it does advertise Deloitte in a powerful way. Prakash is the expert here, talking about relevant things to executive management, that directly relate to the services his organization provides. And […]

Great Magnets w/ Video

Use Video to Create Marketing Magnets Video might just be the most underused marketing tool sales people have in the toolbox. It’s free, it’s powerful, why not use it? While the younger population is out making videos of everything from outdoor adventures to embarrassing family episodes, most of us are cranking out form letters and […]

Event Marketing Success

Marketing Success is a Formula Not an Event… My last three posts were videos describing different aspects of Marketing Events and marketing success. This Thursday I will be speaking to Cisco partners on how to Turn Prospects into Customers. That’s exactly what a marketing event is.  If you sell Cisco, you can sign up and […]

You Can’t Close Without It!

You can’t close without justification…this short video explains how justification happens – when this doesn’t take place, the sale stalls or dies… © 2014, David Stelzl P.S. Make sure you have my newly published special report – Turning Prospects into Customers! (CLICK to Get It Now).

The Security Message That Works!

What Message Works Best With Execs? Having conducted dozens of lunch & learns over the past 10 years I can tell you what message works every time…there’s no question.  When I use the principles I laid out in The Event Marketing Success Kit – at least 50% of the the audience moves to the next […]