What Makes Good Security?

This Week’s Lesson on Good Security Physical and digital security aren’t that far apart in principle. This week’s attacks on NY and NJ are another reminder that we need better security.  We’re getting hit on all sides. Governments are infiltrating our data, aggregators are profiling us far beyond any security check point or law enforcement group. And […]

Florida Club Shooting – Does Security Work?

The Florida Shooting – the Worst We’ve Seen So Far But It Will Get Worse If The Right Actions Aren’t Taken As I write this blog, I am aware that this is a sensitive issue. People’s lives have been destroyed here, and there’s no easy way to sooth that pain.  It’s tragic. But in each of these […]

Should Apple Open the IPhone?

The Apple Encryption Dilemma  is a Bigger Issue Than Most Think… Yesterday FOX News Interviewed Me on The Apple Phone Issue…Watch The Video! The VIDEO REPLY (CLICK) Here’s the Fox News Article: http://www.fox46charlotte.com/news/local-news/93368477-story Trump said, “They must open it.” It sounds simple, but he’s wrong in my opinion – Yes, terrorists are hitting our country and planning more attacks. The […]

On Tour With Check Point SMB

Is Your MSP Business Growing? How Many New Logos Did You Pick Up in 2015? That was the question I started with in last nights Check Point/Tech Data event just outside of Boston. From the hand raises it looked like many groups I’ve spoken to in recent months. Everyone has an MSP offering – meaning […]

Learning How to Read Sales Books

I’m often asked what books to read – but rarely asked how to read them… Have you ever considered, how to read a book? Following my Keynote at the BASF Sales meeting in Frankfurt Germany this week, I did an interactive session on Character; the importance of building character, and how to go about building […]

What Skills Should You Invest In Right Now?

What Skills Should You Be Investing In Right Now? Will You make the cut? Cisco is laying off another 8% of its workforce. That’s about 6000 people – it’s not the first time. And they’re not the only ones making cuts.  Microsoft reported a cut of 18,000 jobs in July and HP has had its […]