Remember Stuxnet? It’s Back…Newton’s 4th Law Perhaps?

Stuxnet Brought Disaster to Something That Needed to Die… Why do Your Clients Need You?  After all, The Customer Is Always Right. Right?…Or Are They?  But before we get to that… Iranian Nuclear Weapon Developments…Remember Stuxnet? The malware sent to DESTROY the Iranian Centrifuges? When Stuxnet was unveiled, I predicted it would be back. STUXNET IS BACK!!!! The developers claimed […]

Things Resellers Say, But Shouldn’t

Having a Value Proposition That Sounds Like Everyone’s Or Just Being Completely Irrelevant… Won’t sell anything. When asked,”What does your company do?” or “Tell me about your company.” What should you say? Five Answers to Avoid We’re a Value-Added Reseller.  Every IT person knows this is code for “We’re one of Cisco’s 65,000 US based […]

The Two Largest Hacks This Year Add Up To Nearly 1 Billion Accounts

Between AdultFriendFinder  (400 million account records) and Yahoo (500 million account records), considered the largest account compromise this year, there are nearly one billion records exposed…it just keeps getting bigger. Why do IT groups continue to say, “We’ve got it covered.” Hopefully your name isn’t in either one of these attacks…enjoy your Thanksgiving, and let’s […]

How Well Do You Understand Ransomware?

Over the past 12 months I’ve spoken at dozens of executive lunch meetings Ransomware is one of 7 major trends I’ve used to wake people up to their need to assess risk.   Over 90% of my listeners – ranging from small business owners to CIOs, admit that their firm has not had a risk assessment […]

The Growing Value of Data Demands Action

Your Client’s Data Value Demands a Response Last week I spoke at the Oklahoma Technology Symposium at The Cox Convention Center downtown, and then again to business leaders at the Gailaria Country Club north of the city. (Thanks to AnchorPoint Security and Check Point Software.) The value of your client’s data is rapidly growing, and this […]

Bad News For Symantec! Open Doors…

Are You Selling Norton Security Products? Symantec used to be one of the top security software companies in the world. They might still boast some big numbers and well know clients, but this week’s report is one more major blow to what was once regarded as a top player. One headline I saw reads, “If […]