Daniel DeFay, Chief Transformational Officer At Cloudify Legal – Interview With David Stelzl

Small Businesses Are Under Attack – Daniel DeFay, Provider of Security and IT Services to the Legal Industry, Interviews David Stelzl, CISSP, Author of The House & the Cloud.  Find out what Stelzl has to say about threats and security…. Small business security threats… Vertical industry threats specifically … BOYD  – is it safe? The […]

3 Essential Elements of The CyberSecurity Sale – How to Close Without Negotiating Price

Hey Everyone, I’m just getting putting the final touches on my WatchGuard keynote for next week’s partner event in Miami…and then on to Ibiza Spain for their EMEA conference! Also, you’ll want to download my free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Template – it’t he key to closing with bickering over price! https://davidstelzl.net/free-report-download © 2018, David Stelzl

Like In A Courtroom, Written Security Reports Fall Short Moving The Jury…

Successful Security Assessments Conclude With Live Presentations… If your firm provides outsourced IT services, or security-related products and services, then you know that assessments are often the first step in landing new business. However, if you take the time to measure your actual business-drag, you may find it less than stellar. The fact is, most […]

The Long Tail of Security Assessments

Decoding The Security Assessment Sales Opportunity And Why You Can’t Afford Not to Know What Your Client Is Asking For (Or Actually Needing) Most IT Services Companies do security assessments. Do you? Why or why not? The Security Assessment (approached correctly) just might be the start of your BIGGEST sale this year!  Let’s take a look… (And Download […]