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Teamwork! Bethany, Josiah, and I Teamed Up This Past Weekend to Run the 8 Mile Spartan Super (25 obstacles and lots of mud)!

Check out this video as Josiah, my 16 year old, scales the wall, after trudging through the first half of a super muddy 8 mile trek, with about 12 obstacles like this one…we’re pretty wiped out at this point. I’m next over the wall, and as I watch my son (who’s got the height advantage over me by a couple of inches) I honestly don’t think I’m going to make that first part with no foot holds… Good news, with much encouragement from my team, I did it!

And yes, we finished the race without injury!

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Ready for 2017?

December 29, 2016 — Leave a comment


Happy New Year!

One important thing I do every year is remember those who have allowed me to come this far…Who can you thank for helping you get to where you are today?

Last week we celebrated the completion of our 13th year in business!

During our dinner we took time to honor those who God has brought across our path to enable us to be here today.  Included in that list are:

  • My wife and kids who encouraged me to start this business in 2003.
  • My father, an entrepreneur who encouraged me from the start and has offered much sound advice along the way.
  • My daughters who have diligently worked alongside me over the past decade – sometimes without pay in our start-up phases.
  • Fred, a small business owner who encouraged me to leave an IT Director role – to move to the technology provider side.
  • Kemper, a reseller business owner and our first client – landed in early 2004. He is also the one who introduced me to my biggest client today!
  • Bill, an entrepreneur who encouraged us to restructure our offerings to make them scalable and user friendly. His advice was key to building the global training business we run today!
  • All of those in the Mastery Coaching Group, Peak Performers, and Insider’s Circle who entrust their business growth in part to us.

I’m sure there are others that should be mentioned. Take a moment before the New Year begins and thank some of the people who helped you get to where you are today…

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family 2014We’re Celebrating Christmas…

At the Stelzl Home! 

December is a special time of year for us…and we want to share it with you.

Each December we make special preparations to celebrate Christmas. Part of it is celebrating you! You see, in addition to Christmas, this is the month we formed Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts.

Last night we gathered together over a special dinner to complete our 13th year in business!  The average business goes out of business – only 10% make the first year. And 10% of those make ten years… And without you, there wouldn’t be a business. 

This year we are grateful for those who have been with us in various programs for over ten years!

We’re also grateful for many of the new connections we’ve made this past year! For those we’ve been able to help in start-up mode, and those who are in transition moving from traditional MSP to Higher Value Services such as Security. For the hundreds of sales people we’ve helped, who hit to road every day looking for new opportunities and doing everything they can to support their loved ones.

Our team is committed to your success!

In the coming months you’ll start to see changes designed to give you more. We recognize selling is hard and getting harder as product sales decline, MSP services commoditize, and big companies reach down into midsize and SMB companies.

Every day we’re forming new partnerships and expanding our relationships to gain sponsorship and support from your distributors and vendor partners…we look forward to finding more ways to help you grow your business in the coming year!

Merry Christmas…From the Stelzls.

© 2016, David Stelzl

We’re Back From An Amazing Trip!

There’s nothing like a week away, completely unplugged, and away from almost all electronics. We did use the GPS on my iPhone with one of my favorite apps from MotionX. We also carried our satellite phone just in case…

brainCreativity is Essential

But where does creativity come from?

Success comes to those who are truly creative, but how many people do you know, that you can truly say have great, creative ideas?

My 13 year-old son and I were discussing creativity and inventions just yesterday. Who actually invents something or comes up with an idea that turns into millions or billions of dollars? Much of it is technology today and Steve Jobs is a great example. Read his life story and you’ll see some character attributes you may not appreciate, but you can’t deny he had some genius in him. Is this creativity limited to just a few people? Or can you build your capacity to create?

Creativity is a character trait. Some may be more creative  than others, but don’t for a minute believe that you can’t become creative, or more creative than you are right now. Here are three things to consider if you want to be more creative, and therefore achieve greater success.

Taking Time To Build and Organize Knowledge

Napoleon Hill calls each one of us  to become learners – but not generalists. He calls out the university system as broken. The university system would have you believe the lie that a broad, general, liberal arts education is what you want if you’re going to lead. They have also instilled in us the lie that you need a professor to master something. This is not the case. Hill says, “No, you want specialized knowledge – to be an expert in something.” And that comes from research, reading, and organizing knowledge as you learn it.

Greg McKeown agrees in his book Essentialism.   He stresses the importance of choosing to either know a lot about a lot of things, and therefore be mediocre in all of them, or to specialize and become the expert; the advisor. Of course he urges us to choose the latter. Choose to be an expert in something that matters.

Hill encourages us to be reading every month and to subscribe to online courses (what he calls home study courses) that give us that specialized knowledge in our field of choice.

Taking Time To Brainstorm

Seth Godin, well known author and former VP of Marketing for Yahoo (back when they were a stock you’d want to own), tells us that great ideas are the few that pop up in the midst of hundreds of bad ideas. In other words, taking time to brainstorm and write out ideas leads to lots of bad ideas and a few good ones.  Those who don’t have good ideas, don’t actually have any ideas. They just don’t take time to think up ideas.

Before Thomas Edison solved the lightbulb problem, he first came up with a thousand things that don’t work. You can’t expect to have great, creative ideas, unless you first spend time coming up with all kinds of ideas, good and bad.

Hill points to our inherent fear of failure as the hurdle that keeps us from creating. It’s one of the six major fears common to all men according to Hill. No one wants to be different. But being the same just means you’re average. If you want to be more successful, you have to somehow be different.  Again, it was likely the school system, where the oddly dressed person was the outcast. Everyone had to be the same – same clothes, same music, same hair style, same lingo. Different was bad…Just ask Bill Gates.

Taking Time to Rejuvenate

Finally, McKeown compares us to our cell phones. If we’re not charged we won’t perform. Looking back at the industrial revolution he describes our mindset as one that values constant work, not creativity. The idea of a machine being down simply means it’s broken. So when it’s time to take time off for renewal, we cringe. It’s seems like a waste of time. The guy working next to you, who never takes any sick or vacation time, and who works 80 hours per week, is seen as more valuable. The truth is, creativity is worth more than any machine can produce. And more than the average workaholic will produce.

McKeown schedules his vacation days first. Days to completely let go of work, put away the phone, and ignore check email. These are days of renewal, to reset the mind and prepare him for great things.

Taking McKeown’s advice, I am, right now as you read this, trekking through the most northern mountain range in New York with my 13 year-old son Josiah. There’s no cell service out here, and no place to charge a laptop. Our only electronics are GPS and a satellite phone in case of emergency. It’s a time for relationship and renewal – one that will lead to greater self-awareness, productivity, and creativity.

If you want to be creative, and therefore more successful, start reading, organizing knowledge, brainstorming from that knowledge, and taking time off to renew your mind.

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From all of us here at Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts, we wish you a Merry Christmas – looking forward to working with you in 2016!  (Skip the Ad – this is a great Crowd Gathering singing part of  Handel’s Messiah!

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Taking a break from technology, I thought you would enjoy seeing me run up the side of Little Haystack with Bethany, our newest SVLC Team Member.

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