The Next House & the Cloud

The New House & the Cloud – Completely Revised, Full of New Strategies, And Updated To Address New Technologies – Cloud, BYOD, Mobility, Collaboration, and Social Business. It’s been a long time coming – I had hoped to have this out in the late summer.  But it’s finally done, and with the publisher.  Here’s what […]

How to Access Decision Makers With Video

The Power of Video Marketing How many executives will watch this video vs. your standard corporate presentation? This is the infomercial…while it’s not direct marketing, it does advertise Deloitte in a powerful way. Prakash is the expert here, talking about relevant things to executive management, that directly relate to the services his organization provides. And […]

CIOs Must Change – Sales & Marketing Must Follow

CIOs Must Change or Risk Unemployment! Are you watching the news, reading the CIO reports, or talking with IT business leaders about the future?  Things are changing quickly… Read this… “CIOs should take an active role in helping their companies undertake deep digital transformation, by ignoring business processes and focusing instead on how their organizations […]

The One Thing That Will Increase Sales Closing Rates

Move to the 95% Close Rate In my independent, unscientific, but somewhat accurate assessments – sales people in the high-tech industry are closing about 20% of their proposals…how frustrating.  The time from initial call to proposal could be measured in months, many trips across town – or even long distance travel. And then there’s the […]

7 Secrets for Attracting New Clients

3 Part Video Series This important video series was recorded for my private Insider’s Circle Group earlier this week…it’s part of a three part series, covering secrets of Attracting New Clients.  In it I explain why most reseller marketing programs demonstrate very little in the way of return on investment (ROI), and why sales people […]