The One Thing That Will Increase Sales Closing Rates

Move to the 95% Close Rate In my independent, unscientific, but somewhat accurate assessments – sales people in the high-tech industry are closing about 20% of their proposals…how frustrating.  The time from initial call to proposal could be measured in months, many trips across town – or even long distance travel. And then there’s the […]

More Negotiation Practice

I’ve written numerous posts on negotiating, and as I continue to study this area, it gets better all the time.  Over and over I have encouraged people to practice!  Use every customer satisfaction issue as an opportunity to work through difficult situations! Become an expert at staying cool, controlling the situation, and methodically moving through […]

Proposals and Fees – Two Areas That Need Attention

First, don’t miss these two sessions online – this is my Christmas gift to you just for being a regular reader…. 1. – Setting Fees with Profit in Mind! 2. – Secrets to Writing Winning Proposals (Including RFP responses) Two areas I see even some of the most successful sales people missing on […]