Attracting New Prospects

Attracting Prospects vs. Pushing Them Two phrases that caught my attention over the past 10 years: Magnetic Marketing Marketing Gravity Both speak about marketing – but if you’re in sales, don’t think this is something for your marketing group – it’s not (at least not exclusively).  Finding new prospects is marketing – whether you’re in […]

Become a Customer Company

Are you watching  Marc Benioff’s “Become a Customer Company” videos on YouTube are impressive…of course, being a SFDC user, I feel somewhat loyal to what he’s promoting, but it’s bigger than that.  Whenever I fly, shop, eat out, or contact a customer service rep, I am thinking about customer experience.  I get tons of […]

The Importance of Customer Service and Online Ratings

Wow, I just got off the phone with Seagate technical support…customer service and ratings can make or break your business.  Have you noticed this?  Two very clear examples: First, My New Smoker If you haven’t heard, my wife and I took up crossbow hunting this year…pretty romantic huh?  There’s nothing like sitting out in the […]

Todd From Tampa

Do you want to make an impact wherever you go?  If you’re in sales you do – impacting business is at the heart of every great sale, and every trusted adviser.  So how do you do it? How do you create impact? There’s been a lot written on this topic – sales leadership and success.  […]