Want to Downsize? Act Like Spectrum

Too Many Clients? Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Some…Just Start Acting Like My Local Cable Provider… I recently relocated, switching my Internet service and shutting off the old. I might have been continuing with Spectrum – They didn’t bother to ask, but here’s what happened… You know the black box sitting on your […]

Are You Welcoming New Clients?

  Making Your Client’s Feel Welcome Just Might be The Easiest Way To Establish Value Quickly One of my clients recently joined NewsletterPro – The newsletter service I wrote about a few days ago.  When he signed up, they welcomed him. First step – getting Shaun Buck’s Book. It’s free – but when you order […]

Creating The Disney Experience In IT

Are Your Customer’s Getting The Disney Experience? Retention with any form of managed services depends a lot on customer experience. No one can argue that Disney hasn’t been a leader when it comes to attracting people – and building loyalty. Yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing Vance Morris as part of our monthly SVLC […]

Amazon’s Cyber Monday Hoax

Black Friday, Cyber Monday – How Are You Treating Your Best Clients? It’s the Christmas Season! Over the past few years I’ve avoided the lines by doing my shopping online. Last year my wife and I went to the mountains for the weekend, stayed in a cozy hotel in a small town, and did our shopping […]

Customer Experience Is Critical

How Quickly Are You Responding to Your Customer’s Needs… Time is important. The way you view your customer’s time just might be the most important part of your offering. Three recent interactions over the past week underscore just how important this is. Apple Has Great Support I mentioned in a post the other day that […]