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The Future of Security is AI

Making Sense of Data is One of Gartner’s Top 10 Predictions for 2019…

Tom Albert and his team are bringing the two together to deliver decision making intelligence (specific to risk and exposure) to the C-Suite! Check out this interview with Tom and David Stelzl, CISSP and Author of The House & The Cloud.


Security can transform your MSP – grow MRR – and open new doors…all you need is an assessment that converts, and a message that compels your prospect to act…

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Thousands of People Have Bought My Book – The House & The Cloud…

However, Only a Few Ever Take Time To Read It.  So…

The Audio Book is Out! You can stop beating yourself up, trying to find a time to read The House & The Cloud…the full version is not available on MP3… Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS right here:

And for a limited time I’ll also send you two additional programs –

A video using The House & Cloud Message to convert an entire audience of decision makers to an assessment,

…And an exclusive interview with a Fortune 2000 CISO where I ask him “What he likes and dislikes sales people” and “Why he and his peers never return phone calls…”  His answers are eye opening to say the least!

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How to create a high conversion customer facing event with security

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In Dallas This Week Speaking at The 20 Conference…

…with over 200 attendees, all looking for one thing – growth!

What’s the number one factor? Not enough leads…I hear it everywhere I go….coaching calls, training classes, live events…

But as Tim said this morning, there’s more to it.

If you had dozens of leads this month, could your company deliver?

Do you have enough people, infrastructure, process?

What about conversion?

If I gave you 20 leads tomorrow, how many do you think you’d actually close – if there were competitors involved? What makes you better (or unique)?

These are the questions we’re addressing this week…I’ll be on stage tomorrow showing how security sets companies apart when they really get it – and how to take people from thinking, “We’re covered” or “We have an IT guy”, to ready-to-assess…

© 2018, David Stelzl

PS. Does your risk assessment close business? Check out my HIGH-CONVERSION RISK ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE… (Click).

David Stelzl – Security Keynote Speaker, just before going on stage…”Here’s what your clients really need to know…”

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Hey Everyone, I’m just getting putting the final touches on my WatchGuard keynote for next week’s partner event in Miami…and then on to Ibiza Spain for their EMEA conference!

Also, you’ll want to download my free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Template – it’t he key to closing with bickering over price!

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